How can I install ssh2 in Windows_NT (Azure web service) to connect VM from web service?

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To make my question more clear, I'm breaking them into parts.

  1. I have created webpage in Microsoft azure using app service {}
  2. I have created virtual machine linux (Ubuntu) platform

  3. Both the service (web and vm) are in the same account (

Now, I want to connect web service with vm. I have seen solutions connecting using ssh2 in php codes as shown here.

I tried this in my local system (ubuntu). It was working fine. Now I want to connect to vm from web service. For this purpose how can I install ssh2 in webservice provided by azure. I have logged into azure web service via ftp using terminal. Screenshot from 2017-09-21 12_30_52.png

It shows remote system is Windows_NT.

How can I install ssh2 into webservice so that I can access vm from webservice.

Any help appreciated. Thank You

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