How can i create a scale out for my app Service ?

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I have a  .net app service that I need to scale out . I have created a custom autoscale , with scale out if cpu is > 50 and scale in if cpu < 25. I increase and decrease instances by 2, max is 5. 

I know the call to the api is quite time consuming. I though I would have seen the instances increase if i refresh the autoscale page in the portal , but i always see it as 1.

Couple of other questions:


Also do i need to create a Load Balancer ?

Do the created instances share the same ip address ? So if the app service has a particualr ip address do the created instances share it or do they get new ip addresses allocated.?


Is there a step by step for creating a load balanced app service ?


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Although your API might be time consuming it might not be consuming much CPU.

If you go to the App Service Plan it will have the CPU that it is consuming so you can see.


You don't need a Load Balancer.
The App Plan is the like the VM instance and the Web Apps are sites on IIS. Therefore, there is only one single IP address.

I hope this helps

Hello @cpateman


Thanks for the reply.


Oh ok so ip address is a single , great.

I will go to that App Plan and see the cpu that its consuming.



But is there there a metric you can recommend  that i can use under "Custom AutoScale" to try and see if my scale out is actually working , maybe number of threads ?


Hi, @DebbieSipple 


If you use something like Postman you can run a Collection Run by pushing something like 100 requests.


Then look at the App Service Plan metrics to see what the output is.


If for example that caused the CPU to go up to 25% then you can set your scale metric to 20% and rerun your test to see the result.