How can I connect to a domain joined/registred pc?

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Hello guys, I am looking for a secure solution like a VPN so I can remotely connect to a domain joined pc when someone needs support(I would avoid RDP if possible).
I'm looking for something Azure incorporated, should I try using S2S VPN or can you recommend me something?

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S2S VPN makes sense but also consider P2S if you have few users also consider connecting to a Bastion host and take a hop from bastion host to connect to VM . the bastion should be in central location(preferable)

The option option is use RDP but make sure you enable JIT access so that way you can track who is using during the specific time 
Hope that helps

Do you think that JIT will work for a laptop that's only AD joined as an example?
Defiantly not for your Laptop from but on the VM in Azure which you want to access you need to enable JIT for RDP