Help with Azure Function Output binding parameter

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I have a Azure Functions that is triggered when a Event Hub message is received. It's working fine.

So, i generate a file (text-to-speech bing) and i'm trying save it in a Blob Storage. I configured the function.json following:

"type": "blob",
"name": "myOutputBlob",
"path": "queuetest19628/{queueTrigger}",
"connection": "AzureWebJobsDashboard",
"direction": "out"
I tried change de "queueTrigger" parameter to anything, but i always got the message: 
Exception while executing function: Functions.EventHubTriggerJS1. Microsoft.Azure.WebJobs.Host: No value for named parameter 'queueTrigger'

If i put the parameter "name" in output bind, the message is change to "No value for named parameter 'name'"..

I using this in my NodeJS function:

myOutPut = {id: 123456, arquivo:"o1o1o1o", name:"lalala"};
context.bindings.myOutputBlob = myOutPut;
How can i make this work in NODE?
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