Help with Azure File Storage - Setup and Pricing

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Hi All,
I need around 3000 GB of storage in the cloud and i want to be able to map it to my local drive and use it anytime of the day that why i' after setting up Azure Files.
Is Azure Files the right choice?
I used the Azure pricing calculator as you can see below.
The initial price was $80 AUD per month but later gave me an estimated price of $329 below.
What does this mean and can someone please explain what is it ?



Also has anyone got some videos or resources that could guide me to provision Azure Files i know you need to have a storage account first.



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Azure Files is the only service that offer maanged files share that are accessible via SMB or NFS so yes it's the right choice .

There are some aspects that have impact on the final price
- The performance level ( Hot , Cool, Transaction Optimized, Premium )
- The Redundancy Option
- The amount of data at rest
- The amount of data for Snapshots