Help needed to login in Azure Portal (Not able to recieve OTP)

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Hi Team,


I am not able to receive the OTP to bypass the MFA. I did not enable the other methods of authentication too. I know what is the username and password but because the OTP is not received, I am not able to login.


Tenant Name: amadeusitc32839



Please can someone help. Thanks in advance.


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If your subscription is “Azure AD” free then You can use security defaults to enable multi-factor authentication for all users. You don't have granular control of enabled users or scenarios, but it does provide that additional security step. Even when security defaults aren't used to enable multi-factor authentication for everyone, users assigned the Azure AD Global Administrator role can be configured to use multi-factor authentication. This feature of the free tier makes sure the critical administrator accounts are protected by multi-factor authentication.

For prompt users for multi-factor authentication during certain scenarios or events to fit your business requirements, please ensure Azure AD Premium P1 or P2 license will be available to use this security feature