HDInsight tools for Visual Studio Code: simplifying cluster and Spark job configuration management

Community Manager

We are happy to announce that HDInsight Tools for Visual Studio Code (VS Code) now leverage VS Code built-in user settings and workspace settings to manage HDInsight clusters and Spark job submissions. With this feature, you can manage your linked clusters and set your preferred Azure environment with VS Code user settings. You can also set your default cluster and manage your job submission configurations via VS Code workspace settings.


HDInsight Tools for VS Code can access HDInsight clusters in Azure regions worldwide. To grant more flexible access to HDInsight clusters, you can  access the clusters through your Azure subscriptions, by linking to your HDInsight cluster using your Ambari username and password, or by connecting to an HDInsight Enterprise Security Package Cluster via the domain name and password. All Azure settings and linked HDInsight clusters are kept in VS Code user settings for your future use. The Spark job submission can support up to a hundred parameters to give you the flexibility to maximize cluster computing resources usage, and also allow you to specify the right parameters to optimize your Spark job performance. By leveraging the VS Code workspace setting, you have the flexibility to specify parameters in JSON format.




Read about it in the Azure blog.

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