HDInsight Enterprise Security Package now generally available

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The HDInsight team is excited to announce the general availability of Enterprise Security Package (ESP) for Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop and Interactive Query clusters in HDInsight 3.6. When enterprise customers share clusters between multiple employees, Hadoop admins must ensure those employees have the right set of accesses and permissions to perform big data operations. In enterprises, multi-user access with granular authorization using the same identities in the enterprise is a complex and lengthy process. Enabling ESP with the new experience provides authentication and authorization for these clusters in a more streamlined and secure manner.


For authentication, open source Apache Hadoop relies on Kerberos. Customers can enable Azure AD Domain Services (AAD-DS) as the main domain controller and use that for domain joining of the clusters. The same identities available in AAD-DS will then be able to login to the cluster.




Read about it in the Azure blog.

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