Group calendar events through graph REST API

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We need to automate a few things in HR and fetch calendar events from Azure AD (Microsoft 365) group using Microsoft Graph REST API on daily basis.  Unfortunately, group calendar events listing is not permitted with application permissions, but only with delegated permissions. Delegated access does not fit for the automation. There aren't much other options either and they don't list group events. We are out of ideas how to solve it.


Why I write mainly is because I want to say the application restriction does not make any sense! Application can access every user calendar, who belongs to that group and those personal calendars information is much more sensitive than group birthday and vacation events. If it matters, then please support group calendar events reading with application permissions!


Link to API: List events API 
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I'm facing the same issue. I started to experiment MS Graph in Talend studio using Application permission on my own Calendar and everything worked fine.
Then I tried to manage events in a Group Calendar for the real need of a client but this is Not supported.
The purpose was to add a event for each event created in the ERP so the whole organisation would know about what is happening in this Event Agency even if they don't work with the ERP.
Like you, I don't see why this is not supported whereas an Application has access to Users Calendars, it makes no sense...