Graph API Group Get Photo 403

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Hello experts,


I have a Flow that uses the Graph API v1.0 endpoint in order to fetch the binary of an Office 365 group photo.


Here is the call:{GroupId}/photo/$value


But it always returns a 403 forbidden;


"error": {

"code": "ErrorAccessDenied",

"message": "Access is denied. Check credentials and try again.",

"innerError": {

"request-id": "9f5b88b0-4625-42bc-b5de-fecdd2d59756",

"date": "2019-01-17T16:37:01"





Though I think permissions on my AppRegistration are ok:

2019-01-17 17_41_12-App registrations - Microsoft Azure.png

If I compare with required perms in the doc: 

2019-01-17 17_43_33-Get photo - Microsoft Graph v1.0 _ Microsoft Docs.png

Any idea on what could possibly go wrong here?


Thanks for your feedback,

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Small precision...


If I call:{GroupId}/photo


It works flawlessly so the authentication / permissions part should be OK.



@Benoit DELVAUX 

The app only permission is no longer valid for photo, you need delegated permission in order to get the photo: