#GlobalAzure Bootcamp 2018

Community Manager

The Global Azure Bootcamp (#GlobalAzure) is a worldwide series of one-day technical learning events for Azure. It is created and hosted by leaders from the global cloud developer community. This is community, pure and simple, at its very best. And you can join too!


If you’d like to host a Global Azure Bootcamp, all you need to do is sign up and create an event for your location, which will put your pin on our map of locations. Making your event happen is easy, follow these guidelines for more information. All you need is a location (a conference room will often suffice!), some local experts to speak and tutor a workshop, and a plan to get people to attend. 


These aren’t Microsoft events, but Microsoft will help spread the word for these events, cater lunch, and set up attendees with free Azure trials for testing and learning. All totaled across the world they’ll get over 10,000 global developers skilled up on Azure.




Read more about it in the Azure blog.

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