Global customer access and additional services now available for Azure in India

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Since the launch of the Microsoft Cloud in India, our customers' cloud usage has seen tremendous growth. For example, our collaboration with Tata Motors, India’s leading auto manufacturer, to provide connected driving experiences powered by Azure. Flipkart has adopted Azure as its exclusive public cloud platform to enable its continued growth and expansion, and to scale quickly and stay resilient. Kotak Mahindra Bank partnered with Zing HR and turned to Azure for an integrated and flexible mobile HR solution.


Today, we're excited to share that global companies can now benefit from access to the three Azure regions in India: West India (Mumbai), Central India (Pune) and South India (Chennai). These regions provide world-class reliability and performance combined with data residency in India to support the digital transformation of organizations. Customers gain the benefit of data replication across these locations, ensuring business continuity in both pure cloud and hybrid scenarios.




Read about it on the Azure blog.



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