Github Integration and Repo Sync

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Hello everyone,


I'm fairly new to DevOps. I have used github primarily as my remote git solution previously. 


I have two questions on topics I don't have a clear understanding of, and the docs aren't explicit enough for me to "get it."


1. What is the github connection actually providing/doing? There don't seem to be any processes in DevOps built around this connection, so I'm unclear what it is actually for.


2. How can I keep a github and azure repo in sync? Aka, a push or change in either updates the opposite? I've tried to muddle through the pipelines docs, but it just isn't clicking for me. Would love some clarity on this.


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Hey Robert!!

The GitHub connection in Azure DevOps allows you to link Azure Boards work items with GitHub commits, pull requests, and issues for better traceability. However, it doesn't automatically sync repositories.

If you need to keep GitHub and Azure DevOps repos in sync, you can use a tool like Exalate to establish a connection, set up synchronization rules, and configure triggers to automatically initiate synchronization when there are changes in either repo.

I'm a big Fan of exalate because it simplifies syncing repositories and work items across platforms plus they have solid documentation on their websites (you can find them in the azure devops market place and github as well)

check out this link: