Getting Error SQL71501 while creating Dacpac from SQL Server database

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We are in plan of migrating Azure DevOps Server (On-Prem) data to Azure DevOps Services (Cloud).
As part of that, we have initiated the dacpac creation from source database via Visual studio's SQL Server Object Explorer by selecting the option of 'Extract Data tier Application' and facing the below error

> Error SQL71501: Error validating element \[Build\]. \[prc_GetRunnablePausedBuilds\]: Procedure: \[Build\]. \[prc_GetRunnablePausedBuilds\] contains an unresolved reference to an object. Either the object does not exist or the reference is ambiguous because it could refer to any of the following objects: \[Build\].\[tbl_Build\]. \[BuildId\], \[Build\].\[tbl_Definition\] .\[BuildId\] or \[Build\].\[tbl_PausedQueue\]. \[BuildId\].


Please help me to resolve this.

We tried to restore the latest database backup of main server (Source) and retried the same, but not worked.

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Hi @Kidd_Ip ,

Thanks for your input

We are using latest package. 


And this issue resolved when we rerun the dacpac creation process 2nd time without changing anything