GetArrayElement -> integer AND multiple rows

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Hi guys,

I have a question. I have a variable that can have multiple rows, so it looks like this:

"Count": ["5", "4", "12", "0"].

First and major problem: I would like to put a 'case when count > 0 then whatever', but I would like it to verify the case on every row it has (so in this case if any of these 5 numbers is greater than 0 it would give, idk, an '1'). How do I achieve that when GetArrayElement command requires me to point one of these elements, not the bundle?

Second problem: I would like to operate on it as it would be an integer, so use max, >, < operators. How do I do that? Like if above mentioned bundle is > 10 then '1' or something. 

Thanks in advance!

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