Get the user role from Azure AD by Laravel azure ad oauth

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I am trying to get the role form Azure AD by using metrogistics/laravel-azure-ad-oauth socialiate plugin.

I got the name and email and azure_id from the Azure. But I can't get the user role.


My callback url output below  


user: array:12 [
"@odata.context" => "$metadata#users/$entity"
"businessPhones" => []
"displayName" => "Test4"
"givenName" => "Test4"
"jobTitle" => null
"mail" => null
"mobilePhone" => null
"officeLocation" => null
"preferredLanguage" => null
"surname" => null
"userPrincipalName" => ""
"id" => "xyz"


It is possible to get the role from Azure

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