Frontdoor Certificate Validation Process

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I'm working as an IT Architect for a Web-Agency, and I'm faced with a challenge on how to use the certification service with Front Door.  

With every Environment and Platform, I'm deploying we also deploy a public DNS zone. 
This helps a lot to deploy and provide services and changes independently to other DNS systems and zones. 
So for example, I deploy a platform 'alpha' with two environments.
I would deploy two DNS zones:


From now on, I can deploy services for these platforms, change public IPs etc. without having to care about the end-customer DNS. The endcustomer is just pointing his DNS to
(lets not talk about SOA records for now :) )

For Frontdoor this workes quite well. 
So during the Front Door provishioning I create dns records for every domain pointing to the Endpoint


So the validation process runs his check on - follows the CNAME to and validates the certificate request.

Now there is an issue with the re-validation process. Because Front Door suddenly can not handle the fact that is a CNAME and not directly pointing to the Front Door Endpoint:

This means, to keep valide Certificates, we have to introduce a process to revalidate the certificate requests and update the DNS records. Fortunatly they are in our own hands - and not on the customer domain. But do you know why this limitation existis? and what do you think about this architecture?


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