Frequently getting Azure 'Disk Queue Length GreaterThan 5' for my Web APP

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I have a web app which is deployed in Azure. Yesterday an alert has triggered mentioning  'Disk Queue Length greater than 5 (Count) in the last 5 minutes' as this is Specific to Service Plan


I've two Apps under the specific Service Plan. I also configured the Application Insights for each App. I need to which App is causing the issue and which operation makes the Disk Queue length getting higher.


So far Investigation I tried the below query in App Insights.


where timestamp >ago(12hr) |top 200 by timestamp desc
which gives the operations of the CPU/IO/Memory, but I've no idea how to troubleshoot it to find the root cause



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Adding alerting at App gateway would help you as on what load is high on each app connected. So should be helping you to know which app is having issues or making the queue length higher.