fork github code to Azure DevOps and maintain updates (or import and update origin)

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Our company we need to deploy a large application. We hold all our code in private Azure DevOps.  However the application team post deployment code in github. Since we need to capture our config files, as the Devops admin I thought best is to fork github code to an Azure DevOps new repository. 

But looks like it is not possible to fork github to Azure DevOps (unable to fork from github to azure repos · Issue #13636 · MicrosoftDocs/azure-devops-docs · GitHub), is this correct or any fix in the meantime? 

the solution proposed in this post was to create new DevOps repo by import the github code to Azure DevOps (Import a Git repo into your project - Azure Repos | Microsoft Learn). This is done. 

Next step, developer will checkin the changes.

But how can we apply future updates to our Azure DevOps repo to keep in sync with application development updates, which are on github?


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