filezilla secure ftp to azure web app issue

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I am trying to ftps files to my azure web app using filezilla  using require implicit ftp over tls.

I connect ok and then I attempt to view what is in wwwroot and I get the following error:


Response: 550 The network connection was aborted by the local system. Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing.


Is there something on the azure web app side that I need to look at that might be blocking me from connecting through tls.  I have no issues if I use the plain ftp (insecure) setting.






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Hi Mark


I tried to reproduce the issue, but for me FTPS connection with FileZilla works fine. Since FTP connect works for you, I assume you have entered credentials and hostname correctly in FileZilla (be aware of the Domain\User login name). FTPS in implicit mode uses port 990, so I would suspect firewall issues. Do you have a chance to check if connection to other FTPS servers works?