Fetching .xlsx/.csv files from SharePoint Online Document Library to Azure Data lake Gen 2

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Hello There, 

Currently I'm working on work case which requires me to copy .xlsx/.csv files from SharePoint online document library to Azure Data Lake as it is. Until now I have worked as per the documentation mentioned below: 
However, this helps only in transferring one file at a time wherein file name needs to be explicitly mentioned. My requirement is to transfer multiple files in one go with use of Azure Data Factory. 
I have been redirected here by Data Factory Community Experts to seek for more help. 

I would really appreciate if any of the SME's help me in guiding through this. 

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Hello @KevalVV-8803  We'll move your question to the Azure forum, since today's AMA is about Virtual Events and no one on this current thread can answer this question for you.  Thank you for being a member of the community.