FEATURE REQUEST - Azure AD / O365 Users Password minimal password length option.

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We would like to request the ability to control the minimal password length for our Azure AD / O365 user accounts.  There is no current way to enforce this, and is stopping our companies ability to go with a Microsoft Cloud only solution.  We service customers with specific regulations they have to abide to, and without being able to enforce this we cannot migrate to 100% cloud services.

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That does not effect anything with o365 accounts. Just spent a month escalating a ticket, the only thing these settings effect are for devices connecting through domain services and not via the cloud, as it doesn't write back to Azure AD. Thanks though, configured this 2x to only find this out from a support ticket.

@davidsanders well i think the only option now for you is go hybrid and control the password length from a GPO on prem and use the password write back feature. 

Hence the feature request.... We want to go 100% cloud, which was directly stated in the OP.