Export Azure Devops Users and group assignments into csv using az cli

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Below script exports all users and their respective group assignments in an azure devops organization into a csv file. 
Script needs PATKey and Organization 



[string]$PATKey = "Paste PAT Key Here" ,
[string]$Organization = "Your Organization URL"

$UserGroupsObject = @()

$PATKey | az devops login --org $Organization

az devops configure --defaults organization=$Organization

$Users = az devops user list --top 10000 --org $Organization | ConvertFrom-Json

foreach ($user in $Users.members) {
    $activeUserGroups = az devops security group membership list --id $user.user.principalName --org $Organization --relationship memberof | ConvertFrom-Json
    [array]$groups = ($activeUserGroups | Get-Member -MemberType NoteProperty).Name

    foreach ($group in $groups) {
        $UserGroupsObject += New-Object -TypeName PSObject -Property @{
            principalName = $user.user.principalName
            displayName   = $user.user.displayName
            GroupName     = $activeUserGroups.$group.principalName

$UserGroupsObject | Export-CSV -Path "C:\DevopsUsersAndAssignments.csv"



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I was trying to export the users using this powershell script, but it is giving me only users who names start with "A" or Is there any limit on the output. I am getting only 168 users as output . Please help me with this, I want to export all users which are around 800.
Thanks @rishabhkanwalirk for reporting this issue.

az devops user list command is having a 'top' argument and I have now increased that to maximum value(10000). With this change upto 10000 users can be listed during execution.