Existing IIS virtual directory on-premise doesn't update but throws error while deployed using Azure

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I have a IIS Web App Manage step which throws an error
Configuration Type: IIS Virtual Directory
Parent Website Name: Default Web Site
Virtual Path: /virtual directory name
Physical Path: location of the files in disk

When I delete the virtual directory under the website in on-premise and run this step it works but when the virtual directory already exists it throughs an error

This is the error:
2023-02-02T21:54:06.4773028Z ERROR ( message:Must use exact identifer for VDIR object with verb SET. )
2023-02-02T21:54:06.6837602Z ##[error]Process 'appcmd.exe' exited with code '50'.

How do I get this working without deleting the virtual directory every time I have to deploy

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