Exercise - Create Azure storage resources, check doesn't work

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I'm currently working on unit 4/8 (Exercise - Create Azure storage resources) from Store application data with Azure Blob storage. 


On this exercise you only have to apply one command in the azure cloud shell. 



The command succeeds and the resource is also visible in azure portal. 


However, the check your work says differently. 



How can I make the check work?


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The same, and this exercise is only copy and paste 

I tried with ADLS , just in case and the same



I also have the same problem , did anyone solve it ?


The current order is: Exercise 1 - validation - Exercise 2

This is incorrect:
Make Exercise 1 2 3...
Then go back to the válidation page . And works !! :)

(Was a coincidence. I finished all tasks bypassed the válidation.. and then go back to the válidation and works)
Must be a tipo in the order of the modules

@albertozgz  What do you mean with exercise 1, 2, 3 ?   "Exercise - Create Azure storage resources" is the first one in line?  I have found the answer so forgot..  The idea is to go out of this exercise.. go to the next and create the app.. after finishing the next chapter (exercise) go back and do the check then the validation works. :)



Make all exercises, and then go back to the previous validation 

@albertozgz Thanks for the advice.. but my solutions was to skip this exercise go to the next.. and then go back.

Finishing the whole application and returning back to this exercise didn't help me. Any other ideas?