Exchange files between azure and local machine

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I am new to azure. Would someone let me know what is the best way to exchange files between my desktop and azure? 


Thanks in advance!

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Hi @mail8mz 


Assuming you want to move files from your local machine to an Azure Storage account and vice-versa, you can use the Storage Account Explorer. This has a nice GUI from which you can interact with all your storage accounts and storage types.


If you are confident with command-line options, you can also use the azcopy utility.


If you are looking at moving files to/from a Virtual Machine. Your remote desktop session should support Copy/Paste between your machine and the virtual machine. Not ideal for large files or many files, but it does work for a quick upload/download.


Otherwise, I would recommend using a Storage Account and mounting a File Share to both your local machine and the virtual machine(s). In that way, it acts like a network share common to your environment and any Azure resources that are connected to the storage account. Check out this tutorial here


Welcome to Azure!




The best way would be to create a file share between two machines.
First, you need to Allow Inbound connection to your Azure VM from on-premises. Perhaps this is could be the case in your way, please go through this article , for enabling correct port if you don't want to expose everything.

Second, you should create a network drive.

Last, create a scheduler task with XCopy or PowerShell.

You can even create a Hybrid Worker in Automation Account for running your job from the Cloud to on-premises
Another better option is to use Azure file sync . The below he following documentation gives a good overview on how to set it up and its capabilities.
In my case I have to transfer one time some files hence I used SaaS service like BOX and uploaded the files and downloaded to VM