Error VS403316 while using migration tool when migrating from ADO Server2022.0.1 to ADO Service

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Dear Community


i want to migrate a collection from Azure DevOps Server 2022.0.1 to Azure DevOps Services.

When i use the official migration tool i have error VS403316 in the "validate" process.

Official Microsoft description for this error is:



Inconsistencies were detected in some Team Foundation version control (TFVC) files within your collection.

VS403316: An inconsistency was detected in some TFVC files for this collection. The inconsistency needs to be corrected prior to running an import to Azure DevOps Services. Please reach out to for assistance with addressing this issue.

Work with Azure DevOps Services customer support. Open a support ticket and they'll work with you to resolve the error.


I opened a ticket with Microsoft Azure Support but i would like to know if anybody knows what kind of error this is because there is not much to find online.
I was able to fix 8 errors with missing privileges already with the tool TfsSecurity.exe but about error VS403316 there is nothing to find.

Does someone know what this error means and maybe fixed it already ?

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