error "Azure.AzureNamedKeyCredential" in azure portal

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Hello. I'm facing this peculiar problem using azure portal functions


First, I added a http trigger function. Sending message to queue success, no problem


Then I added service bus trigger function.


Then , when sending message to queue, I get this error


[Error] Executed 'Functions.addticket_queue' (Failed, Id=9b041137-c726-4751-8435-f8dd9c279eee, Duration=99ms)Could not load type 'Azure.AzureNamedKeyCredential' from assembly 'Azure.Core, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=92742159e12e44c8'.


I can confirm that this error occured when instantiating the client


client = new ServiceBusClient(connectionString);


If I remove the service bus trigger, it runs without problems.

any help is greatly appreciated

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