Error Code during login with Azure Student Account

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Hello! I'm having trouble login-in to my student account with Azure. The website gave me an error code to troubleshoot the page but when I tried submitting a ticket through Azure the website would continue to reload and eventually tell me I'm unable to sign into my account. This is the link I was issued by my professor The link attached did work before. Here is also the error code given by the website:


"Error Code: 50196

Request Id: db011293-d006-4ac2-8fd6-fa8e415f1900

Correlation Id: 86588f1a-9f48-4fb5-8afc-b578027465e5

Timestamp: 2024-05-17T10:26:06.725Z"


I'm hoping this problem can be resolved in a timely matter; I depend on this access to download software for my Linux class.

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