Environment comparison

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Hi , Can anyone please help to understand, how do we compare two different environments Azure DevOps pipeline?


Our scenario is , we have different Development team who will be responsible for all the Dev Environment related Build and Release Pipeline setup and deployment. Whatever changes are done in the Dev environment the same needs to be replicated in other environments like QA, UAT which are owned by other team.


Currently we are facing challenges when run release pipeline on QA & UAT environments by referring Dev environment. Sometimes we are missing some variables, parameters whatever used in the Dev environments using terraform. The deployment is working well in the dev environment whereas not working in other environments using the same source code and same terraform scripts. 


Due to this, we are struggling every deployment code release whenever Dev team is releasing the code.


Is there any possibilities how do we compare Dev environment with all the variables, parameters, pipeline configurations with QA & UAT environments and make sure all our configurations are matching with Dev environments without any discrepancy?







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