Enforce committing to draft pull request

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Hi All,


This is my first time asking a question in this community, so please let me know if I have to rephrase, add, or change things to my question.


I would like to know if it is possible to enforce a rule so that developers can only commit/push to a draft pull request. In our company it happend more than should be that we commit/push to an published pull request. Of course this is possible after you get feedback, but a lot of times there is also commit/push done by the developer without feedback. Would the PR be ready at that point probably not. 


The reason I ask to enforce only commit/push to a draft pull request is that due to the use of resources used by an automatic build the automatic build is turned of and now we have to do a manually build, which in my opinion is a step backwards, but that is a different discussion. 


So the main question is:
Is it possible to enforce only commit/push to a draft pull request and not to a published pull request.


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Coos Wolff

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Yes indeed I am.