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Hi All,


I have been tasked with setting up a POC using ADMT to migrate users and groups from old domain to new domain.


At the moments I have 2 way trust between the 2 dev domains and have been  using ADMT to migrate users and groups successfully. SID history is working as I can access SharePoint, file shares etc using a migrated NewDomain\User reaching back into old domain.

Old domain has fully functioning Azure DevOps 2022 running but when I try and access the DevOps URL from the new domain with NewDomain\User I get a login box which will not authenticate but if I use OldDomain\User then it obviously works. I can get round the problem by adding new domain  groups and users into old domain Azure DevOps internal permissions using the trust but didn't really want to go down this route. I suppose by question is Should I be able to authenticate Azure DevOps using Sid History?


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I believe you are talking about on-prem one, if yes, suppose it works