Domain Controller password expiration

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Anyone faced an expired domain controller password on Azure (simple AD inside vnet - not AADS)?  Not able to change password via RDP.  Note: AD Administrator password; not local admin.

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Burning a partner support ticket with this. After two hours the tech is elevating. May know Monday if it is possible or not.

Did you get this resolved?  I have the exact same issue on a couple of test AD VMs in Azure. 

this link shows a possiblity

if not you will have to use another Server and nest a domain joined server to it.

If the agent is working, which i assume it is because of the error, then you can use the custom script extension to just create a new user.



net user soverflow Testing123 /add /domain
net localgroup administrators soverflow /add

And you should be able to RDP with new user 'soverflow'.


Hope this helps.



@Chris JohnsonNo, I had to blow away the domain and redo it.