Does Azure paid support help with this DevOp issue?

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Hello, we have an app running on Azure App Service with an image stored in a Container Repository. We are trying to push a new branch to our production App Service, and would like help saving/ tagging the existing image (e.g. that is currently running) and reverting back to it in the case that our new code has any issues. Unfortunately we don't have the exact code running on production, but do have code very close to it, and would like to minimize our total risk with pushing out new code.


Are there any paid Microsoft support services that assist with this sort of thing? Any thoughts on the best place to find quick, reliable support with such issues? 

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First of all, all components under Microsoft covered should be supported,  but some kind of non-Microsoft such as open source are NOT (e.g. Istio), for your case, if related to coding, Microsoft consulting team as well as customer success team (called Premier support at past) are able to support base on terms of condition designed


Yes, Microsoft Azure paid support can help with DevOps issues. You can subscribe to Azure Support and open a support ticket with Microsoft to get help with your specific issue. Azure Support offers several support plans with different levels of response times and features. To subscribe to Azure Support and open a support ticket, go to the Azure portal and click on the "Support + Billing" tab. From there, you can select the support plan you want and submit a support ticket.

Here are some helpful links:

- Azure Support plans:
- How to open a support ticket in Azure:
- Azure Support pricing:

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.


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@Kidd_Ip Thanks for the response. The Azure plans I am seeing are, There is no premier, but perhaps the same services are provided under a new name?

Do you know if any of the services would help with version control/Git related issues?