Does Azure Backup support 32-bit machines?

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According to Microsoft's official support matrix found here, it supports Windows 10 on both 64 bit and 32 bit.


According to our testing with both physical and virtual machines, the MARSIntallerAgent fails only on 32-bit Windows 10.


Can anyone confirm the support matrix is correct? If so, why does the install fail on 32-bit? We have checked the Event Viewer to rule out any errors. It runs just fine on 64-bit windows.

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Spawn up a 32-bit VM and i am getting error below.  Is that what you are also getting?


2017-12-14 12_39_20-Windows10-Virtual Machine Connection.png






Yes, that is the exact error on the physical machine and the VM we tested.


I have been doing more research, and from what I see is that the Azure Backup MARS agent is only compatible with 64bit, and it is the Azure Backup Server that is compatible with both 32 and 64 bit.


Guess there is no 32 bit love from the MARS agent?

I have not personally installed it on 32-bit until today.  Article says it is supported but we have just confirm its not working.


Do you have access to file a support request to the Azure Recovery Service team in Azure portal?


Either the application needs to be fixed or matrix updated.