Docker for Azure CE VM volume mounting not working

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I've deployed the "Docker for Azure CE VM" and then uploaded via SSH into "/home/docker" my docker-compose.yaml file to put up a project. After exposing the correct ports in the Azure portal for the VM and setting up a DNS name, I can access my project on the web. 


In this compose file, I have 3 volume mounting parameters: 

- /home/docker/projects:/home
- /home/docker/tmp:/tmp
- /home/docker/var:/home/theproj/var
The volume paths inside the container are correct and there is files inside each of them, but none of them are visible from the host VM: the 3 folders I created on the host (projects, tmp and var) are empty when they should show the files inside the containers.
What am I not doing right ?
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I have the same problem.

Did you solve it?