DNS Name... Any way to change this?

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Short funny story..... A VM I had been using decided that it didn't want to take the upgrade.  So instead of fighting it, since it was broken and I'm not the kind to cry over exploded VMs, took the important data, and blew away the VM.


The trouble was not in recreating the VM, or restoring the data, network security, or any of that.


The trouble I'm having is the DNS name has now changed.  From * to now *  I realize this has to do with the location of the data center, but what's the simple answer?


Do I move it?


Do I delete it and recreate it?


If that's the case, which data center has the *


Or is it possible to create a virtual network or virtual domain name to point my vm back to a * DNS name?


Many thanks!

4 Replies would indicate you where using a Classic VM in a cloud service.

What your are creating now is an ARM based Public IP dns name that can be assigned a ARM based VM network card.


regardless of what you choose, i would strongly suggest you use CNAME records in a domain that you own, this way no matter what you change in you azure infrastructur the the records in you own DNS can be updated to the new resource with out having to inform users.


Thanks for the reply and the explanation - I have to learn more about the "ARM based VM/Public IP DNS name" - any resource you know of you could shoot my way?

The difficulty is not in forwarding from my main DNS to the cloud DNS name, it's that I have a tool that packages agents up to deploy and points to its known DNS name through a self-test. I suppose there's some sort of way to change that process but I doubt I'll get far with it.

If I recreated it as a "Classic VM", would I get the * DNS name again? What brief advantages are there from ARM against Classic?
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have a look here.


Consider ARM to be V.2 Azure, there are many advantages to ARM.

a few of the advantages, is easier deployment through Resource templates, greater flexibilty when you want to change, cheaper prices when using a Cloud service Provider.

But MS has no plans for setting an end of life for V1 anytime soon, so Yes if you recreate the VM as a V1 machine you can use the old DNS suffix.

Excellent response and very understandable. Thank you!