Display multiple time charts in log analytics

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I want to display multiple time line charts using queries in log analytics. One chart should show data from today and other one should be showing data for yesterday. Is it possible ? gone through few articles and found that multiple time line charts are not supported at this time. Any examples or inputs will be helpful.

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Are you trying to achieve this ?

Bytes send and received get mixed in the graph

And you are right multiple time line charts are not supported at this time , bu there are some people claiming that they have achieved it .

| where (CounterName == "Bytes Received/sec" or CounterName == "Bytes Sent/sec") and InstanceName matches regex "^Microsoft Hyper-V Network Adapter.*$"
| summarize avg(CounterValue) by strcat(Computer, " ", CounterName), bin(TimeGenerated, 10s)
| render timechart

Please refer this