Disable FTP in Azure Policy


Hello all, is there an equivalent azure policy that disables the FTP of my applications in my subscription? If none, how can I disable the FTP of the applications under my subscription?

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Hi there is builtin policy to do that 


Go to policy definitions blade : 

Policy - Microsoft Azure

Search for ftp  and you will see 3 policies :  

FTPS only should be required in your Function App
FTPS should be required in your Web App
FTPS only should be required in your API App

Take the policy for the web app and assign it to your subscription or resource groups 

Enforce the policy and add a remediation step with a managed identity (Deploy if not exists)  

You can also manually enforce FTPs

The link below show how use FTP over TLS/SSL only (See Enforce FTPs  section )


Deploy content using FTP/S - Azure App Service | Microsoft Docs

@ibrahimambodji thank you, but aren't those policies is to enable FTP? I need the policy that disables the FTP state.

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You're welcome it's mentionned on the definition FTPs (s=secure) . If FTPs is enabled FTP will be disabled . 

Below the details : 

FTPS should be required in your Web App
Enable FTPS enforcement for enhanced security
Available Effects
AuditIfNotExists, Disabled
App Service
Json definition :  
  "properties": {
    "displayName": "FTPS should be required in your Web App",
    "policyType": "BuiltIn",
    "mode": "Indexed",
    "description": "Enable FTPS enforcement for enhanced security",
    "metadata": {
      "version": "2.0.0",
      "category": "App Service"
    "parameters": {
      "effect": {
        "type": "String",
        "metadata": {
          "displayName": "Effect",
          "description": "Enable or disable the execution of the policy"
        "allowedValues": [
        "defaultValue": "AuditIfNotExists"
    "policyRule": {
      "if": {
        "allOf": [
            "field": "type",
            "equals": "Microsoft.Web/sites"
            "field": "kind",
            "like": "app*"
      "then": {
By the way if you want to disable both  you cannot do that through policy but it's documented 
To disable both FTP and FTPS entirely, select Disabled. When finished, click Save

@ibrahimambodji Okay great, that helps a lot. Thank you!



Youre welcome , glad that can help. 

Thank you.

Hi @UserID883312 @ibrahimambodji 


If it can help, please find here JamesDLD/azure-policies a custom policy that disables FTP on Web App using an ARM Template deployment script for the remediation.


In the same repo I have published the ones for API and Function App, always using the 







Thanks for sharing !