Deployment of Angular to Marketing website failed in azure pipelines

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I am trying to deploy to dynamics marketing pages using powershell script deploytodynamics365instanceps1. This powershell script works fine if it is exceuted from a computer, but gives error when trigger from powershll tak in a azure devops pipeline. Below is error "

An unhandled exception occured: The D:\a\1\s\...\src\environment\environment.ts path in file replacements does not exist.
See "C:\Users\VSSADM~1\Appdata\Local\temp\...\angular-errors.log" for further details.
The output directory (D:\a\1\s\...\dist\portals-hosted) was not generated. the reason for that is most probably that the 'ng build' command failed.
At D:\a\1\s\...\Scripts\DeployToDynamics365Instance.ps1:106 char:9


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