Denial of Service attack? High traffic on Cloud Service (classic)

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Hope I'm posting in the right place, please advise if not.


Our cloud service has been spiking with excessive traffic:

traffic.pngNormal traffic is shown for Dec 29.  Any insight would be appreciated.

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Hello John,


You are the only one who can determine if spike is a denial of service attack as you have access VM.


Network traffic spike does not necessary mean there is any issue, it all depends what the server is running or if there was a new 'talkative' application installed.



As null null said, only you can determine the cause of the data spikes. But a denial of service attack would attempt to max out the resources of the VM, this can be done with very little data amounts if it was a web server.

Since both in going and out going traffic spike at the same time, i wonder if some one perhaps used it for some file sharing service(just the first thought to hit my mind, if its unusual traffic). i would look to see if any new ports have been opened or applications installed.
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Issue is resolved, I appreciate the input.