Delivery Plans; core features buggy or missing.

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I work as a Scrum Master for a biotech organization that spans multiple teams working in multiple projects, some of which are inter dependent.   I have been trying to setup up a delivery plans board in order to visualize our current and future work between teams as well as the interdependencies of tasks.  I have run into several issues in trying to do so.

This post describes bugs / issues with the Delivery Plans feature.  It also includes some feature requests some of which others are also requesting.  I believe this tool has enormous potential which is why I am posting this.  If this is not the right location to post this, please redirect me to the appropriate forum.

I noted the following issues / bugs.


  1. Tags assigned to features / epics are not visible at any given moment, whether the card fields are expanded or not. This feature can be found under Settings -> Tag colors.  
  2. The arrows that display interdependencies or "blocked by" are sometimes broken.  This happens randomly.  See "BrokenArrow.png"

Here are some core missing features:


  1. You cannot display a Release, an Epic and a feature within the same team at the same time.  One can only display one type of item at a time (Release only, Epic only etc).  This is a major handicap because we have some teams which are working on both Releases that span years, as well as Epics that span months, not to mention Features (within epics).  We need to view them all types of issues in parallel to get a better perspective of whats going on.  This is a major showstopper for us in adopting this tool.
  2. One can view the inter dependencies of items which is great.  However it would be great if one could see all interdependencies of all items at the same time.  You can view that many other people have requested this in this article.
  3. It would be great if the "Add Item" box was relocated to the left as it clutters up the board, or at least if there was an option to hide them (a tickbox maybe).  See attachment TimeFrameClutter.png.


I am trying to persuade management to adopt this tool, however in its current state it wont be possible, particularly with items 1 and 2 above missing.   Until those are fixed, it wont be usable by an organization such as ours.  I believe this applies to many other big companies as well.  I really do hope these issues are remedied at some point because this feature has revolutionary potential in terms of project management.

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Thanks for sharing. Now I remember why we chose to use MIRO instead, for Road-mapping / Delivery Planning :)


We are using Miro as well but I want to get away from it ASAP as we use DevOps for our task management.  Having everything integrated in one system would prevent us from having to draw up status reports in Miro as well as handle our tasks in DevOps.