Delivery Plans - Azure Devops Server 2022

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Hello together,


my company needs "Delivery Plans 2.0" for Azure Devops Server. But I found out, this feature will not be integrated before Azure Devops Server 2022.


Could someone please point me to the Azure Devops Server Release Roadmap, where I can see whene Azure Devops Server 2022 will be released, or give any valid information for the release / roadmap of Azure Devops Server 2022?


Thanks a lot.





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Really, in a Microsoft TechCommunity no answer from a MS pro or...!? Even not something like,  sorry we dont share this information with MS Gold Partners, wrong forum ... or ...!?


Dont get me wrong, maybe the problem is sitting in front of the keyboard, but is it really to much to ask for an link, hint ... about the Azure Devops Server 2022 Release/Roadmap? Even the MS Gold Partner Support was not able to provide any link or information. This is really frustrating and ...



@derbjoern I would also like to know this information. I can't find anything regarding Azure DevOps Server 2022.

@ryandaum I've found something from ten days ago

"We are working toward releasing Azure DevOps Server 2022 RC1"



Thx a lot.


Yeah i also found this, but nothing to register or about the release:



Isn't it crazy, for some reason / I cant help, I have the feeling Microsoft is keeping Azure Devops Server Customers on purpose in the dark, left features, aso. I know cloud first, cloud is the best, cloud is my new god aso, but there are, and believe me I liked them also to go away, reason to stay in my datacenter / on my hyperconverged failovercluster with S2D aso!


BTW - I hate beeing pushed, because my natural instinct is to do the exact opposite.

@derbjoern I would guess they have more folks working on the cloud variant than the server variant. But I wouldn't know.


It sure would be nice to see just a brief blog post acknowledging a delay, since the RC was previously promised for the end of 2021.