Deleting storage account that has only been used for VM restore

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I'm currently documenting a procedure how we should handle VM backup and restore.

Let's say that we create a new storage account every time we are about to restore a virtual machine and use this storage account as the "Staging location". Is it then safe to delete the storage account after the VM has been restored?

As I understand it the Staging location is only needed during the actual restoring process to move data from the source VM, kind of like a data layer.
When I check the storage account after the restoring is done, it doesn't really contain anything other than an empty container called "$logs".


I guess the container isn't completely empty. There are some tables which contains metrics data, but I can't see why it would be necessary to keep




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It should be okay to delete the storage account if it's not being actively used anymore, and you've moved anything you want to keep to another location. This would also remove the tables and metadata.


Alternatively, you don't necessarily need to create a new storage account every time. Your process could be that you just one-time create a storage account designated for restores and re-use that as needed. Example: mystoracct4restores. Occasionally, you could go in and delete stuff out of it to keep it clean.

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