Decimal field does not accept decimal values

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My azure devops changed the appearance from last week to this one, date and time fields were separated and decimal fields (effort, completed work) do not accept decimal numbers. Integral fields are accepting decimals. 


In the gif below, the completed work decimal number is automatically deleted when inserted and the date field is separated from the hours.

I tested the browsers, Chrome and Edge

modified appearancemodified appearance


But in other accounts this layout difference and this decimal number problem does not happen.



I realized that in the account that the problem occurs, when a field is integral it accepts a decimal number, and the decimal field only accepts an integer

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i think its a azure devops bug

This bug is annoying me for some time already but now it even is blocking me from finishing my sprints. As I need to properly track efforts - which are fractions of hours - but the remaining two team members wo could add those fractions are on sickness leave.
Who can create an issue for this so it gets fixed ?
Best way to avoid such issues in the future would be to enable adding efforts in the following form:
"3h15m" so no need to address any localization issues just plain SI units and easy to read

Hi @haratsu,

I opened a ticket and got the following response, check if it works for you.


click on this option



and turn off this



Thank you very much @GADCbr it worked



Agree, believed it is a bug

It works for me, thanks :D