Databricks Job owed by service principal, failed to checkout from Git repository : PERMISSION_DENIED

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I'm working as Data Scientist and I have some jobs to run on a Databricks.

I've created the jobs, which run the code store in an Azure DevOps repo. Everything went well, when I tested the jobs, all worked well.

I transfered the ownership of the jobs to a service principal (this way :, and since, I get this error message : 




First I though it was because the service principal wasn't in the list of authorized users with "Read" permission over the repo that contains the code, I added the service principal as a user in my Team's Group, and now it has the following permissions over the repo (I followed this tuto : :




But I still get the same error.

So what's happening ? How can I fix it ?


Thank you



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I am also having the same issue ? Any resolutions to this problem.