Data Management Gateway - High Availability and Scalability Preview

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We are excited to announce the preview for Data Management Gateway - High Availability and Scalability.


You can now associate multiple on-premise machines to a single logical gateway. The benefits are:

  • Higher availability of Data Management Gateway (DMG) – DMG will no longer be the single point of failure in your Big Data solution or cloud data integration with Azure Data Factory, ensuring continuity with up to 4 nodes.
  • Improved performance and throughput during data movement between on-premises and cloud data stores. Get more information on performance comparisons.
  • Both Scale out and Scale up support – Not only the DMG can be installed across 4 nodes (scale out), but you can now increase/decrease the concurrent data movement jobs at each node (scale up/down) as per the need.
    Note: The Scale up/down feature is now available for all existing Single Node (GA) gateways. This update is not limited to this preview. 
  • Richer Data Management Gateway Monitoring experience – You can monitor each node status and resource utilization all at one place on the Azure Portal. This helps simplify the DMG management. 


Read all about it in the Azure blog.

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