Customizing Work Item Types to behave like User Stories in the Agile process

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I am currently using devops (cloud) services. I have created a custom Work Item Type (WIT) within an inherited process from Agile. I would like to configure it to behave like exactly like Agile's User Story WIT.  By this I mean:

  1. The WIT should be addable in the taskboard view of the Sprints (see WorkItemTaskBoard.png).
  2.  One should be able to add tasks to the item just like User Story's like in the above screenshot.
  3. The WIT should rank below features in the WIT hierarchy. This way when it is added as a child of a feature it will be visible in the Backlogs view (see BacklogChildMissing.png)

According to my reading I need to export my inherited process as an XML, edit said XML then import the modified XML. I have two issues with this.

A.   I have not found any reliable documentation how to peform the above.
B.  Although I am using cloud based Devops ( and am the organization owner I do not appear to have rights to import a process (see ImportProcessMissing.png)

Can anyone confirm that I need to perform the export, edit, import the XML as specified above in order to achieve 1, 2 and 3? If so, I would need help in figuring out how to import the process (B above before I can even begin to export it).

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