Creating 2 wikis in the one DevOps Repo

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Hi all


I am very new to DevOps and Repos/Git. 

I have provisioned a wiki in my Repo and that is working fine. I am looking to change the structure of the wiki and move things around and add/rename some folders and information. Is there a way I can do this, other than creating a new repo and provisioning a wiki from that? I want to use the current look of the wiki but just have it structured differently.  So, I guess I am asking if I can create a new folder structure in my current repo and be able to view that without changing the current wiki until I am happy with the new one. 

I hope I explained this ok. 




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Are you referring create another project under Azure DevOps?


Create a project wiki to share information - Azure DevOps | Microsoft Learn

No. I am looking to have both the wikis in the same repo if I am able to. Eventually, the old wiki will not be used. I have created another repo and am building the new wiki in that but I wanted to see if I could build the new one in the same repo as the old one.