Constant emails: Your requests are being blocked.

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Last couple of months I'm getting emails saying my requests to MsAzure are being blocked:



An attempt to go to msazure page mentioned using my MS account ends with no access message. After logging in and out I also got this:

{"$id":"1","innerException":null,"message":"Request was blocked due to exceeding usage of resource 'DBCPU' in namespace ''. For more information on why your request was blocked, see the topic \"Rate limits\" on the Microsoft Web site (","typeName":"Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Framework.Server.RequestBlockedException, Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Framework.Server","typeKey":"RequestBlockedException","errorCode":0,"eventId":3000}

I used MS Azure as a back end for a mobile app some years ago (> 5) but don't use it now and don't have any active subscriptions. Wonder if someone could install that ancient app and it tries to access a non-existing address.

I also have an account of visual studio online with a couple of very small repositories, this one is used but in a very limited way.

Does anyone know what this message is about? MS Azure? Visual Studio Online?


Artem Kliatchkine

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